From seed to store, we strive to produce and deliver better-for-you snacks while respecting our 3R philosophy – reduce, reuse, recycle.
Pride in our raw materials.
We work closely with our potato and corn growers to make sure sustainability is a priority in their business. We’re looking to extend these best practices across our entire supply chain.
Pride in manufacturing.
At our new Millenium Manufacturing Facility, we are using a new (patent pending) oven that reduces energy consumption by nearly 50%. More than 90% of our building’s energy needs come from reclaimed and recycled heat from our cooking equipment. We have decreased water usage more than 60% by cooking with less water and harvesting rainwater. More than 76% of the electrical energy used in manufacturing is sourced from wind farms.
Pride in our product.
Whether you’re eating our Shearer’s® Reduced Fat Kettle Chips, our all-natural Tangos® tortilla chips, or our gluten-free Riceworks® snacks, our products taste good and are better-for-you.
We’re challenging ourselves to be more mindful of the raw materials we buy, the way we manufacture, and the products we sell. We encourage our suppliers to do the same.